States Where School Door Barricades Are Allowed

School safety has increasingly become more important over the last several years due to many school shootings highlighting an urgency to evaluate how we're protecting our students and educators. So far, six states have made the proactive decision to allow school door barricades to be deployed throughout their school system. These six states are illustrated in dark blue on the map with an additional 4 states, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, and Wisconsin (in light blue) being undecided, but more recently open to the idea:
  • Ohio
  • Arkansas
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • Kansas
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin (on the fence)
  • Texas (on the fence)
  • Florida (on the fence)
  • Tennessee (on the fence)

SwiftShield is actively working with the states who have chosen to protect their citizens to get a safety device in every classroom. If you live in a state that does NOT allow classrooms to be protected, we need your help to contact your state representative to ask them to take action by legislating the permanence of school door barricades inside the classroom.