1. Couldn't the glass to the room just be broke?
If your school has doors with glass windows, they may already have this protection (you can’t see it). If they don’t they should get it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZy4DJHM_fs

2. Don't a lot of classroom doors open inward?

The vast majority open outward, by fire code. And here is why: https://www.cbsnews.com/…/cocoanut-grove-boston-nightclub-…/

3. I'm an Ag Teacher. Can I get your CAD drawings so that I can make these for our classrooms?

These are patented and we have to defend each and every patent infringement, otherwise we may lose the right to defend any of them. Since these were designed for schools, schools are our main customer - your making them for free is not only unethical, it harms our business and it IS a patent infringement..

4. Will it work for inward-opening doors?

By fire code, the vast majority of classroom doors open outward (toward egress). We do however have a model for inward-opening doors currently being developed.

5. On the ADA-compliant lever handles, won't the handle simply turn down when opened allowing the Swift Shield device to fall off?

No. On an ADA-compliant lever handle the return (the end of the lever where it turns inward toward the door) has to be a close distance to the door. This also means it will stop when it hits the bend in the Swift Shield.

6. How do I know which device to order? 

Measuring for your SwiftShield is easy! You can learn how to do it in less than a minute by CLICKING HERE