About Us

SwiftShield, LLC is a community of concerned people on a mission to find, spread the word and take action with a line of products, systems and solutions for protecting our children, their fellow students and teachers during active-shooter and similar threats while inside school classrooms.
There is perhaps no bigger fear in the mind of a parent, than when your children are out of your direct supervision – and nearly every day in this country – that’s exactly what happens when our students go off to school. We’re parents, students, teachers, law enforcement, school staff, administrators, neighbors, grandparents, doctors, lawmakers - just like you - concerned about doing something about Shielding Our Schools from these attacks.
While politicians, regulatory agencies, courts, school districts, board members, the media and ‘experts’ continue to squabble over the causes and remedies for these attacks - we’re dedicated to answer the question; “What about right now?” We must do more to protect our children and no longer accept the current environment created in our schools. We all know in our hearts it’s no longer a matter of “if” - it’s a matter of “when” and the recent flood of attacks are constant reminders it’s up to us.
Our nation’s schools are under siege and getting information to all students - their parents, their friends’ parents, business owners, community clubs, philanthropic organizations – we can make kids safe right now.
Thank-you sincerely from all of us at SwiftShield.